Our Community Today

CRIME has reached epidemic proportions | Families are not safe even in their own homes | Community member are being killed or robbed daily | Murders are being committed through sheer greed | Life is considered cheap | It is no longer safe to walk the street in our very own neighbourhoods, which have become strange places to most of us.

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Our People

Our staff is at the centre of our operation we believe that the right qualified person with the best resource at hand will be able to perform his duties effectively. Potential staff have to produce the following original documents:

- Identity document
- PSIRA Registration and Card
- All Training certificates from Accredited Training Schools

More Details
They are pre-screened by confirmation with PSIRA, reference checks with previous employer, criminal background checks with the SAPS and ITCs with Cipro. Site specific contracts are drawn up, whereby random polygraph tests to maintain integrity and safety are stipulated.

Field Managers & Trainings

After demonstrating leadership qualities, the staff members are trained as potential Field Managers. This allows each member of staff to upgrade themselves from within our organization.

Our Training
Training is at the center of our organization.
Monthly lectures and physical training procedures are planned.
Law updates, client obligations and SAPS co-ordination matters form the predominant part of these lectures.
Our dog handlers and drivers are put through their paces to ensure continuous training for fitness, procedure and updates.




Our Vehicles

All our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices and are constantly monitored for location and compliance (instructions and traffic violations). They are new and well sign written.





Our Client Base

Among a comprehensive range of security services, we provide manned guarding, recruitment, training and consulting and investigation services. E-Security deliver customer focused services to key global corporations across a range of sectors including government, mining, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, residential, and educational institution sectors.