FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS: It requires the perusal of documentation for a stipulated period and the reconstruction of all financial records at the entity. Forensic investigations are required there are massive unexplained expenditure, losses or suspicion of theft, fraud or corruption. 

Specialised expertise is required for forensic investigation and best left to experts, particularly as evidence is required to be admissible at all forums. This entails the interviewing of persons, collation of evidence and compilation of case files.

BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND CONSULTING: As businesses grow, the rate of that growth is often unnoticed by management except at review times. The result is that the business model and systems effectively have to change in order for the efficiencies of the business to remain at optimum levels. We have a team of experts on hand to streamline businesses or departments and provide a competitive edge in an ever competitive world.

RISK MANAGEMENT: is simply a mitigation of business riskwithin an entity. Specialists are best placed to offer consulting services in this regard because of their experience in investigating cases where the controls have been breached, resulting in personal enrichment and criminality.

LITIGATION SUPPORT: Court action may become unavoidable in business disputes. A Forensic Specialist is a far more credible witness in addition to being an expert witness in the matter. This can be the difference between winning and losing a case.

VERIFICATION SERVICES: As part of our forensic services, we offer verification services to entities in respect of BEE compliance, due diligence exercises and employee history. In this respect, we have a large and impressive network of sources to assist in determining whether a fact or circumstance actually exists or has been fabricated.

LIQUIDATION INVESTIGATIONS: We investigate the income and expenditure of a business prior to liquidation to determine whether income was under-declared or expenditure overstated. This can be of tremendous value to a liquidator and to creditors as the true value of an estate can then be determined. Our expert testimony in court also has persuasive value in these instances.

DISCIPLINARY MATTERS: The first is the investigative phase of a disciplinary matter. It is usually required that an internal investigation be conducted against the accused employee. The evidence required to prove guilt needs to be understood carefully within the context of the charges preferred against the accused. We are able to provide a fair, transparent and professional investigation service to the entity, and we are able to provide evidence in the form and with the substance required in a hearing.